The project «ALLEYS – All European Youths for Solidarity» was funded
with the support of the European Union under the
Programme “Europe
for Citizens”


ALLEYS PROJECT – General Information

Programme: Europe For Citizens

Strand: 2.1: Town Twinning

Project Title: ALLEYS – ALL European Youths for Solidarity

Short description:

ALLEYS is born from the will to undertake twinning processes and to share opinion and common reflection on EU based subjects. All the involved countries have experimented the effect of international crisis and have grown successful local best practices in the field of resilience and inclusion. Sadly the plight created by the shocking rise of migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea and the enduring economic crisis had an effect upon local communities that have been subject to extremist propaganda against the others and to a subsequent deprivation of solidarity, that also led to opposition towards the idea of EU and cooperation among States.
The partners decided to set up ALLEYs to create an occasion to meet and discuss relevant themes in solidarity and integration and to foster twinning bonds and cooperation among towns at EU level. Planned activities are intended to share best practices about integration and shelter policies in different countries and to debate what local small communities need and suggest about the EU policies about social matters (solidarity at EU level, integration of migrants, resilience of local communities), gathering suggestions and points of view.
-Fostering intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding
-Foster the knowledge on EU policies on social matters, solidarity, asylum and integration among small communities
-Set of counter-narratives to oppose to xenophobic and anti-EU propaganda through media literacy and promotion of best practices
-Enhance the knowledge and comprehension of the international crisis
-Exchange of best practices on shelter and inclusion

1 International Meeting in Bomarzo (IT) – 14-20 January 2019


Foster European citizenship and to improve conditions for civic and democratic participation at Union level;
Encourage democratic and civic participation of citizens at Union level;
Discussion on solidarity in times of crisis;
Combatting stigmatisation of the “others” and building counter narratives to foster intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding;
Debate on the Future of Europe.